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The work

This has been a month of intensive field work as well as reflection for me.  I have transitioned from part-time professor to full-time farmer for the summer and I am trying to keep everything growing.  June can be a bit terrifying because so much effort and money has been dedicated to seeds, labor and other […]

kick in the pants

No June-uary this year.  June, so far, has been hot and dry and pretty gorgeous.  I am running around trying to keep up.  We are ending the school season and there are many graduations and celebrations. It really is a gorgeous time in the Northwest, but June has also been a kick in the pants. […]

farmer confessions

Can you guess where I am? Not at the farm would be a safe answer.  We are still awaiting the warm weather window that will let us get the big field tilled and ready to plant. So for now I am in a holding pattern, maintaining the greenhouse starts and tending to sheep questions and […]

Awhirl in April

After a whirlwind month of traveling and jumping into springtime duties on the farm,  I am feeling inspired!  Our group, The Dovetails, made an appearance at the Alaska Folk Festival which was a wonderful community event in Juneau.  This was also my first trip up to AK –I want to go back!

(Dean and I at the Mendenhall […]

starting anew!

Each spring feels different.  We watch for signs of warmer and drier days, but you can never be sure.  While we have our routines that we follow on the farm to prepare for planting, each growing season makes it’s own mark.  Georgia O’Keefe’s famous quote rings in my mind right now, “I decided to start […]

the Shock of spring!

It all happened at once this week, daffodils, cherry blossoms, Forsythia…. We had a lovely, warm and sunny week here and I found myself being shocked by spring.  Shocked, for sure, in a good way.  Monday night I came home after dark to a chorus of frogs. The next day as I drove around the […]

Like a lioness

We have arrived in March and I am getting excited to spring forward.  While we have the thrilling aspects of season change (longer days, more light, the color of flowers) we often experience days of bone-chilling, wet cold. March can be a lioness!  However, I am still feeling encouraged to get seeds started and to […]

Solace of Winter

We are resting peacefully these days and enjoying a string of sunny, cold days.  Dean and I are also awaiting our upcoming nuptials this month. Yes, love is in the air! While I am eager to get back into the ground for the 2014 season, it is so important to take this time to rest. […]

These days…

The official start to fall is Sunday, September 22nd. School is back in session and I am balancing teaching with harvesting and everything else on the farm these days. It is not overwhelming, but it always feels a bit hectic this time of year.

My reading brain starts to kick into gear again after months of […]

The turn…

It is still warm outside and we are expecting higher than average temperatures next week. However, it feels like a new season is coming and the animals, plants and evening light are all taking a turn towards fall.  We still have a lot to harvest in the fields and we are eagerly awaiting the new […]