After a whirlwind month of traveling and jumping into springtime duties on the farm,  I am feeling inspired!  Our group, The Dovetails, made an appearance at the Alaska Folk Festival which was a wonderful community event in Juneau.  This was also my first trip up to AK –I want to go back!


(Dean and I at the Mendenhall Glacier)

Next, I traveled to Wisconsin (which was colder than Alaska and snowing) to speak at the 2nd Food Sovereignty Summit.  I then wandered over to western WI to visit the Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Cooperative and the only sheep research station in the country.  I was overloaded with new information for our small, sheep herd.   Many thanks to all of the new friends I made that showed me their farms and talked to me about sheep and cheese–two of my favorite things. More to come on that soon…

IMG_0402 IMG_0379 IMG_0420

(Left: The array of sheep cheese products available online from WSDC; Center: Spooner research station ewes; Right: A WSDC producer farm)

This weekend was the first workshop on the farm for the season. We are excited to be hosting Seattle-based artist Ruthie V. and hope she will visit us again soon.  Her students were exploring ways to “start making art, and not stop.”  We enjoyed watching them work in and around the farm!

photo 1 photo 2

(Left: Ruthie V.’s class upstairs in the barn; Right: Somewhat still life with sheep) 

The lambs are growing, we are planting seeds like mad and also hoping that the soggy fields get a dose of sunny weather this week.  Although we have had quite a few sunny days this spring so far, it is still quite a wet year for us.  We hope to be tilling more soon.

Until then…

Be well and be inspired!