field notes from harmony fields
I am constantly humbled by what I learn at Harmony Fields and find myself often thinking about health, community and resiliency in this beautiful part of the world. Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences with you – I hope you will visit my blog often.

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Summer of Love

It’s really hot! I know that 85 degrees F is nothing to whine about in comparison to an average summer heat wave in other parts of the country, but it is hot for western Washington this time of year–and it has been been warm and sunny all spring. No “June-uary” to complain about, with its […]

Health Starts on the Farm

The Food as Medicine classes I have been offering since 2011 are an important aspect of what we do on the farm. I can feel the impending busyness of the growing season ahead and I know that once plants are in the ground our focus will be on growing things well and with great care.  However, in […]

Sheep Season

Happy Winter from Harmony Fields!  We have been enjoying some quiet and creative project time on the farm.  However, sheep season is upon us and we have to tend to our ewes.  Most of them are due to give birth over the next few weeks and we are watching and waiting with much anticipation.  It is […]