field notes from harmony fields
I am constantly humbled by what I learn at Harmony Fields and find myself often thinking about health, community and resiliency in this beautiful part of the world. Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences with you – I hope you will visit my blog often.

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November has been a fast month, but activity on the farm has slowed down quite a bit just in time for the holidays. The swans are occupying the fields again and we experienced several hard frosts over the past few weeks.  This will be our last post until February 2015, so we can regroup and plan […]

Growing in the Valley: November 2014

This month I had the pleasure of visiting Dunbar Gardens in Mount Vernon, WA. The farm has been around for twenty years and is run by Katherine Lewis and Steve Lospalluto.  Operating on eight acres, Katherine and Steve grow a variety of vegetables and they have a farmstand on the farm. Katherine is an accomplished basket maker […]

Below freezing

The low tonight is supposed to be around 28 degrees F.  This is good news since we have had quite a long and lovely growing season.  I wasn’t expecting to be harvesting as much product as we did over the last month and I am grateful. However, my brain and body are switching into winter mode […]

Herb of the Month: Sage

Sage, the herb, is a perennial member of the mint family that was originally cultivated in the Mediterranean.  We grow a lot of sage on the farm and it seems to love our ‘Mount Vernon very sandy soil’.  It is heartier than some of the other mint family herbs we grow, like rosemary, and we […]

Growing in the Valley: October 2014

If you are driving around the Skagit Valley this time of year you will surely see potatoes being harvested.  Fresh market potatoes (red, yellow and white varieties) are one of the predominant crops grown here.  This month’s interview is with Darrin Morrison, a potato farmer in the Skagit Valley.  Darrin is co-owner of Skagit Valley Best’s Produce […]

First Wave of Fall

The Festival of Family Farms marks a turning point for me. The weekend itself, always the first in October, is usually sunny and clear. However, there is a crispness in the air and the evening darkness seems to slip in quite early.  Things slow down on the farm and I can finally start to look […]

Herb of the Month: Thai Basil

 September’s Herb of the Month
Thai Basil
We have been growing many different types of basil on the farm. In general, basils are associated with happiness, luck and flavor and their sweet aroma always puts me in a better mood.  My great grandfather’s name was Basil and I have had an affinity for this herb for a long […]

12th Lambs & My Favorite Poem

On a frigid, but sunny, January evening we had our first set of triplets born on the farm. The next day the Seahawks won the Superbowl against the Denver Broncos. We normally give our new lambs a name that has the first letter as their mother. So Ruth’s babies became Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson and Rose.


We […]

Growing in the Valley: September 2014

Farmer meets chef.  This month on Growing in the Valley we talk with acclaimed chef Dan Barber.  Dan has been a longtime advocate for the food-to-table movement and operates three restaurants in New York: Blue Hill, Blue Hill at Stone Barn and Blue Hill Cafe.  Recently, he published his first book The Third Plate which […]

Welcome September! The first day after Labor Day is overcast and a bit chilly here. I imagine this makes the back-to-school blues feel a little easier. I myself am torn. We have had a great summer and I hope we continue with nice, warm weather through September. However, I am also comforted by this noted […]