My Summer Vacation

With the late spring arrival of our second daughter we decided to make this farming season a transition year. I was already overwhelmed with new ideas and projects for the farm and the thought of a new […]

Rain Brings Respite

The summer solstice & full moon are Monday and the 2016 growing season is well underway. This is our first summer “farming with a baby” and we are learning how to be good parents and reconfiguring how we […]

Summer of Love

It’s really hot! I know that 85 degrees F is nothing to whine about in comparison to an average summer heat wave in other parts of the country, but it is hot for western Washington […]

Health Starts on the Farm

The Food as Medicine classes I have been offering since 2011 are an important aspect of what we do on the farm. I can feel the impending busyness of the growing season ahead and I know that […]

Sheep Season

Happy Winter from Harmony Fields!  We have been enjoying some quiet and creative project time on the farm.  However, sheep season is upon us and we have to tend to our ewes.  Most of them are […]

Thank you!

November has been a fast month, but activity on the farm has slowed down quite a bit just in time for the holidays. The swans are occupying the fields again and we experienced several hard frosts […]

Growing in the Valley: November 2014

This month I had the pleasure of visiting Dunbar Gardens in Mount Vernon, WA. The farm has been around for twenty years and is run by Katherine Lewis and Steve Lospalluto.  Operating on eight acres, Katherine […]

Below freezing

The low tonight is supposed to be around 28 degrees F.  This is good news since we have had quite a long and lovely growing season.  I wasn’t expecting to be harvesting as much product as […]

Herb of the Month: Sage

Sage, the herb, is a perennial member of the mint family that was originally cultivated in the Mediterranean.  We grow a lot of sage on the farm and it seems to love our ‘Mount Vernon […]

Growing in the Valley: October 2014

If you are driving around the Skagit Valley this time of year you will surely see potatoes being harvested.  Fresh market potatoes (red, yellow and white varieties) are one of the predominant crops grown here.  This […]

First Wave of Fall

The Festival of Family Farms marks a turning point for me. The weekend itself, always the first in October, is usually sunny and clear. However, there is a crispness in the air and the evening […]

Herb of the Month: Thai Basil

 September’s Herb of the Month
Thai Basil
We have been growing many different types of basil on the farm. In general, basils are associated with happiness, luck and flavor and their sweet aroma always puts me in a […]

12th Lambs & My Favorite Poem

On a frigid, but sunny, January evening we had our first set of triplets born on the farm. The next day the Seahawks won the Superbowl against the Denver Broncos. We normally give our new lambs […]

Growing in the Valley: September 2014

Farmer meets chef.  This month on Growing in the Valley we talk with acclaimed chef Dan Barber.  Dan has been a longtime advocate for the food-to-table movement and operates three restaurants in New York: Blue […]

Welcome September! The first day after Labor Day is overcast and a bit chilly here. I imagine this makes the back-to-school blues feel a little easier. I myself am torn. We have had a great […]

Laughing & crying & still picking squash

One week left in August, moving into the last four months of the year.  The weather this month has been beautiful and warm, but there is a chill in the morning air.  However, our squash […]

Growing in the Valley: August 2014

Welcome to our monthly Harmony Field’s podcast called Growing in the Valley. This show airs the second Friday of the month on 91.7 KSVR ( after the news at 5.  Although I have been doing […]

Sweet summer evenings

I am not ready to say goodbye to July. It has been a hot and fast month with hot and fast days.  Things are growing quickly in the fields and the rains of this past […]

Sunhats, supermoons and saying goodbye

The heat turned up this week and we sure felt it in the field.  Sunhats everyone! The plants are happy, though, and with this extra boost of warmth they are starting to outgrow the weeds. […]

The work

This has been a month of intensive field work as well as reflection for me.  I have transitioned from part-time professor to full-time farmer for the summer and I am trying to keep everything growing. […]

kick in the pants

No June-uary this year.  June, so far, has been hot and dry and pretty gorgeous.  I am running around trying to keep up.  We are ending the school season and there are many graduations and […]

farmer confessions

Can you guess where I am? Not at the farm would be a safe answer.  We are still awaiting the warm weather window that will let us get the big field tilled and ready to […]

Awhirl in April

After a whirlwind month of traveling and jumping into springtime duties on the farm,  I am feeling inspired!  Our group, The Dovetails, made an appearance at the Alaska Folk Festival which was a wonderful community event […]

starting anew!

Each spring feels different.  We watch for signs of warmer and drier days, but you can never be sure.  While we have our routines that we follow on the farm to prepare for planting, each […]

the Shock of spring!

It all happened at once this week, daffodils, cherry blossoms, Forsythia…. We had a lovely, warm and sunny week here and I found myself being shocked by spring.  Shocked, for sure, in a good way. […]

Like a lioness

We have arrived in March and I am getting excited to spring forward.  While we have the thrilling aspects of season change (longer days, more light, the color of flowers) we often experience days of […]

Solace of Winter

We are resting peacefully these days and enjoying a string of sunny, cold days.  Dean and I are also awaiting our upcoming nuptials this month. Yes, love is in the air! While I am eager […]

These days…

The official start to fall is Sunday, September 22nd. School is back in session and I am balancing teaching with harvesting and everything else on the farm these days. It is not overwhelming, but it […]

The turn…

It is still warm outside and we are expecting higher than average temperatures next week. However, it feels like a new season is coming and the animals, plants and evening light are all taking a […]

Mid-summer stride

I was able to step away from the farm for a week. I am grateful for those that cared for the plants and animals while I was away. Although it is hard to leave in […]

Dry spell

This is the time of year when things get left by the wayside. Things like laundry and writing updates for The Skagit Table.  With this wonderful stint of sunny, rainless days the farm has been […]

Wild ride, wild side!

Going to Seattle is always an adventure for me.  In our business we are trying to grow and sell food while also offering art and health workshops.  Luckily for us the SoDo area of Seattle […]


The extended weekend was a good time to reflect on our progress so far this season as well as honor the veterans in our communities.  The ethic of service is a commonality between farmers and […]

Planting daze






I am welcoming the rain this week. The last few weeks have been amazingly warm and full of activity. We had a new employee join us and and another one will be starting this week.  […]

Food Sovereignty

In my teaching work off the farm I have been learning a lot about the meaning of food sovereignty.  Food sovereignty can be defined as:

“The right of peoples to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced […]

springtime woes

The rains have returned after a confusing end to March. I found myself in 3 inches of snow on Whidbey Island on March 22 while visiting our friends at Glendale Shepard. The following week we […]

new life and new greenhouses

Spring has sprung…  All of our ewes delivered last week which was very convenient.  Full moon light, sunny warm days and time to be home with the mothers and lambs–the timing was a gift. We […]

Food is love.

This is the thought that jumped into my mind today. I was reflecting on Valentines Day and what I like to do on this particular holiday–eat! Either a special dinner for two or a brunch […]

Happiness is…

waiting for a rosemary apple crisp to come out of the oven and then eating it while the dark skies howl and storm outside. Yes, fall is upon us and there is not much growing […]

Fennel and herb for health!

Well, you can tell by the lack of posts that I have not been inside around the computer much this past month! How could you be with the sunshine we have had this fall?  In […]

Letting go of summer!

Well, I am not going to talk about the weather even though the changes around us are obvious.  I am taking some time to reflect on a very fast summer and all of things happening […]

Growing with Heart: An interview with long-time nurseryman Bob Hart

As the newest board member at Skagitonians to Preserve Farmland I have a lot to learn—and a lot of great farmers to learn from in this valley.  I was able to spend an August afternoon […]

2012 Workshop Updates

We recently enjoyed learning about Monotype printmaking, Rabari embroidery and making an Earthen Oven!

Thanks to all of our participants and instructors!
Coming up in 2012:
Woodcut Printmaking with Natalie
August 18-19  10-3 pm
Cost: $80.00  (materials included)

Food as Medicine
August 23rd  6-9 […]


I have been thinking a lot this week in percentages.  The glass is 50% full or empty depending on the day, and the percentage of weed cover in a field.  I have also been thinking […]

Interdependence Day!

In the northwest our June was cool and damp, but I am still excited about summer.  I am also excited to be celebrating the 4th of July this year.  Actually I am excited that we […]

Organic Farm Assistant needed

Organic Farm Assistant

Bow, WA

10-20 hrs per week



Job Description:

Assist with weeding, cultivation, irrigation, harvest and packing on small scale organic farm in Bow, WA. Some local delivery may also be required sporadically.  Wage negotiable, based on experience. […]


While the rains poured over the Skagit Valley this weekend, I was able to escape for an afternoon with my father and family to Lopez Island.  I had worked there on a farm in 2003 […]

century of the small

This morning I revisited a quote by Arundhati Roy that I had scribbled in my journal over a decade ago from her article “A Greater Common Good.”

Perhaps that’s what the twenty-first century has in store […]

learning from masters

Well, it is a big week on the farm. Planting is in swing, we are having a wild streak of warm and sunny weather and the ducks, sheep and cat are turning 1.  I admit […]

food as medicine part 2.

New greens and fresh flowers do a lot for the soul.  I am happy that it is spring time and we have had some full sunny days in April.

As I learn more from east asian […]

opening and new growth

It was another beautiful weekend and for that I am grateful. Now that we are headed into the last week of April I can feel the warmth rolling into the valley.  Sprouts are coming up […]

remembering Sundays

Today I remembered last Sunday and the gathering we had for Easter of family and friends.  Local potatoes and garlic, decorated duck eggs and the fabulous hot cross buns (a special seasonal treat from our local bakery, […]

seeds and signs of spring!

This is the season of seeds..sourcing, sorting and starting!  While my ground is too wet to work up right now I can still tend to things growing in the greenhouse and think about warmer weather […]

Make your life a work of art

I had the great pleasure of hearing Kathleen Dean Moore speak this past Sunday at Skagit Valley College. I had originally heard her speak when I lived in Corvallis.  She was a philosophy professor and […]

have you lost your sense of wonder?

I was sitting at home the other night pondering this question.  I admit from time to time I get bogged down in the lists and have to’s and I forget to look. I am always […]

the year of kale

Kale is getting some good press this year, it seems to be coming up everywhere!   I keep finding myself in kale conversations–what is the best way to make kale chips, kale is so good […]

Sign up by April 15th!

me and my shadows…

I did not grow up with many animals-a few gerbils and a family dog. The first time I lived in my own place without a roommate (a very rustic cabin, as my Dad would say) […]

sculptor of trees

I have the recent pleasure of pruning my fruit trees with one of the the local tree fruit experts (who also is a wonderful sculptor as well).  I have some older ‘pippin’ type varieties as […]

sculptor of trees

I have the recent pleasure of pruning my fruit trees with one of the the local tree fruit experts (who also is a wonderful sculptor as well).  I have some older ‘pippin’ type varieties as […]

Farming the arts…

Check out this workshop with Seattle-based poet Paul hunter.  He operates Woodworks Press and is currently the poet in residence for the Small Farmer’s Journal.

Here is a link to some audio of Paul on PBS […]

food as medicine, part 1

This past weekend I was able to get down to visit the medicinal herb garden at Bastyr University. I also sat in on one of the classes for their new Certificate in Holistic Landscape Design. […]

Into the kitchen

I can cook, but I am realizing that I am not a committed cook like my Grandmother.  I hide from hosting big dinner parties and get overly stressed when it comes to meal planning.  For […]

Birds, birds and more birds in Edison!

Be sure to swing by edison this weekend for the first annual Edison Bird is sure to be a hoot!

in light and love

After the rush and relax between Thanksgiving and the first of the year, I find January to be a nice month for getting back into work, making plans for the year and organizing.  But it […]

Are you ready to be at home?

During the winter months I try to read more while I have the longer nights to rest and be inside.  I have been reading two books currently, Ivan Doig’s This House of Sky and Radical […]

The wonders of winter!


and there is more snow on the way!

enjoying the winter days

While I sit here in the quiet of winter I am grateful for the new year ahead.  There is a lot to look forward to and a lot to do.  We are covered in snow […]

New Workshops for 2012!

2012 Winter/Spring Workshop Series
We have some interesting teachers confirmed this year, with more summer workshops in the planning stages as well.  Get in touch if you are interested.

Please email for time, pricing and availability and more information […]

gifts with heart

I am grateful (emphasis on FULL) for another wonderful Thanksgiving meal.  And today, black Friday, all I bought was a bowl of soup and a delicious pecan sticky bun at the Farm to Market Bakery. […]


We just finished our second workshop in the barn.  The class focused on Intaglio and we worked with copper plates. Despite the frosty mornings, we stayed warm.   See images below from the weekend.   Both days were beautiful […]

Frosty Endive

November 15 and quite a frost today.   The chill is in the air and the dark nights are here.  It is a time to be watching the weather as northwest winters never really follow […]

Pastoral in Petaluma

I got away this weekend and was able to tour a bit of northern California’s countryside while attending a sheep conference.  The conference was in Petaluma which is in Sonoma County.  It was wonderful to […]

Let the holidays begin

Despite being alarmed that there are already Christmas carols on the radio, this past weekend of Halloween celebrations was very fun and rewarding!   Pumpkin carving, cider pressing, costumes. It was a good time to […]

an age of barns

This fall has been busy for many reasons. One of them being my need to extend my manger into a larger, covered space for the sheep.  After reviewing plans and budgets and consulting with my […]

Farmer to be…

With a few hours to spare on Saturday afternoon I was able to meet up with some friends and visit Gordon Skagit Farms on Mclean Rd in Mount Vernon.   What a special time we had at […]

Gatherings in October!

Already into October!  We have had some sunny days so far this month, so there has been time to finish the sheep barn project and to get fields ready for cover crop seed.  I still […]

first egg!

Since the ducklings arrived in May we have been waiting for eggs. And here is the first one, which arrived on the first full day of fall. It was exciting and I am looking forward […]

Meeting of the minds: veggies and grain

This past week I attended two events that reinforced why this valley is so special and inspiring.  On Tuesday, I attended the Osborne Seed Co. grower field day.  We taste tested new varieties of carrots, […]

First art class!

This weekend we held our first art class-linoleum block printmaking with Natalie Niblack.  This was a two-day workshop and the results were awesome!  We had a lot of great images and it is interesting how unique they all […]

bake a cake

I was recently reading some of the old Foxfire books that celebrate the home life and creative history of Appalachia.  They describe the simple living skills of these communities and the values of creative self-sufficiency.  […]

between Field and Sunset

So much beauty lies between field and sunset.  These late summer evenings have been amazing and warm.   The other night the whole sky turned pink and I was able to get one picture before I just […]

sheep shearing

Earlier this summer we had a visit from a new sheep shearer.  It is good to know there are still people training themselves in these skills.  I hope to shear my own sheep someday, but […]

late summer flowers…and music!

Late summer is always a nice time to sit and appreciate the dahlias and sweet peas, some of my favorite flowers.  It is also a good time for music and for getting out in the […]

the bow little market

This little market started last year and had a successful first season.  It is held outside the Belfast Feed Store in a space that is graciously donated by the owners.  This year it will be […]

Meet the Ducks

Eggs should be coming next month, but it has been fun to watch these duck grow!  It is official that I have one male, Peter!  The two runner ducks are Percy and Petunia and I […]

Sitka Art and Ecology Center

I was able to visit the Sitka Art and Ecology Center last month and learn from watercolor painter Molly Hashimoto.  In this picture we were able to sit on a meadow looking out on the Sitka spruces […]


Well, the thing about cute little kittens and lambs is that they grow and change every day.  Lars is already exploring more parts of the farm.  This was the day that he found the water […]

afternoon on the slough

After a day of running errands and fretting about the list of things to do, we decided to stop at the slough.  We stopped at Slough Food, to be exact, to enjoy a sandwich and […]

Mary Cecilia & Jo

My cousin’s daughters visited the farm.  Her oldest, Mary Cecelia,  loves coming up here with her mom and new baby sister.  While we sit in the kitchen talking about the drive and family news, she […]

Clay Arts Center

Annually, the Clay Art Center in Tacoma, WA holds a Raku celebration in the middle of July.  Potters can bring their wares and have them fired in the low-fire raku or saggar kilns.  It is […]

The Story of Ruth


New Friends

Linocut workshop with Natalie this September!

Also, go to for more information!

Read ‘Issues to Watch in 2011′

Great ideas and idea makers from our community!

Herbal CSA

Herbal CSA

8/4-9/1, 2011

One bunch of fresh and medicinal herbs each week.