photo (7)The Festival of Family Farms marks a turning point for me. The weekend itself, always the first in October, is usually sunny and clear. However, there is a crispness in the air and the evening darkness seems to slip in quite early.  Things slow down on the farm and I can finally start to look back at the long growing season behind me. October brings a certain clarity to life.

I wrote for the Skagit by Hand blog about my foray to Gordon Skagit Farms this past weekend and some reflections on fall.  I hope you enjoy it!

photo 3-3

This week I am excited to bring some of the farm with me to a poetry reading in Seattle on Monday, October 6th, at the Fremont Library. If you are in the area please come by!

BabaI am also celebrating (from a distance) the life of my grandfather who passed away this week. We have the same birthday and are 60 years apart. I always hoped for a 100/40 party, but 95 years of living is a remarkable thing!  There is much to say about Baba, but I will save that for another time.

We have more to harvest and we just put our rams in with the breeding ewes, so no stopping yet-just a little slowing into the first wave of fall.

Be well,  Jessica