photo 3 (5)The low tonight is supposed to be around 28 degrees F.  This is good news since we have had quite a long and lovely growing season.  I wasn’t expecting to be harvesting as much product as we did over the last month and I am grateful. However, my brain and body are switching into winter mode and my teaching responsibilities began a month ago.

So it is time.

Time for some rest, time for some quiet and a little breathing room to assess how this season went overall, financially and physically. Time to make plans for next year and to notice the people and places around me that I have ignored.  Time to write more and read those stack of books next to my bed.

On a sunny day last week I had a brief moment to stroll the new waterfront in nearby Mount Vernon. It looks great and really improves the overall feel of the town.

photo (10) While there will always be project to work on here, Dean and I have enjoyed some much needed time with friends and eachother over the past few weeks and we are looking forward to more as the winter goes on.

photo 1 (8)

In a later post I will write about our recent trip to the Tilth Producers of Washington conference. It was their 40th annviersary and I realized that I have been attending this event for over 10 years and we have been a member farm for almost 5 years. I am excited to get more involved with Tilth in the years ahead as this organization grows and develops.

We will have a new Growing in the Valley podcast coming along this week, so stay tuned. I hope you are well and flu-free and enjoying these bright and frigid days.