photo(40)I was able to step away from the farm for a week. I am grateful for those that cared for the plants and animals while I was away. Although it is hard to leave in the summer, it is a necessary time for me.  By the end of July, I am running ragged and it is easy to lose perspective on, well, just about everything.  It has been such a lovely summer and growing season, but keeping up with irrigation has been difficult.

This time of year is a turning point.  The weeds slow down, the roots swell, the sheep take extended rests in the shade and certain plants seem to triple in size over night. I would definitely not go as far as to say that everything is easy now, but there is a calm the comes over the farm in August.  We are descending into fall and I am excited to be home and to be harvesting for our customers locally and regionally.  We have several months of growing left to go, but I am ready. We hope to keep the Thomas Rd. farmstand stocked with overflow from our wholesale orders and we have lamb available as well.

Paul Hunter will be at the farm September 14-15. This will be a great workshop to writer of all forms as well as those interested in letterpress printing.  Come and join us on the farm as we discuss Farming the Arts.






A fine welcome home!