My Summer Vacation

With the late spring arrival of our second daughter we decided to make this farming season a transition year. I was already overwhelmed with new ideas and projects for the farm and the thought of a new baby in the mix too was a lot! Thankfully, the pause in production allowed us the chance to take a summer vacation […]

Thank you!

November has been a fast month, but activity on the farm has slowed down quite a bit just in time for the holidays. The swans are occupying the fields again and we experienced several hard frosts over the past few weeks.  This will be our last post until February 2015, so we can regroup and plan […]

Growing in the Valley: November 2014

This month I had the pleasure of visiting Dunbar Gardens in Mount Vernon, WA. The farm has been around for twenty years and is run by Katherine Lewis and Steve Lospalluto.  Operating on eight acres, Katherine and Steve grow a variety of vegetables and they have a farmstand on the farm. Katherine is an accomplished basket maker […]

Herb of the Month: Sage

Sage, the herb, is a perennial member of the mint family that was originally cultivated in the Mediterranean.  We grow a lot of sage on the farm and it seems to love our ‘Mount Vernon very sandy soil’.  It is heartier than some of the other mint family herbs we grow, like rosemary, and we […]

First Wave of Fall

The Festival of Family Farms marks a turning point for me. The weekend itself, always the first in October, is usually sunny and clear. However, there is a crispness in the air and the evening darkness seems to slip in quite early.  Things slow down on the farm and I can finally start to look […]

Herb of the Month: Thai Basil

 September’s Herb of the Month
Thai Basil
We have been growing many different types of basil on the farm. In general, basils are associated with happiness, luck and flavor and their sweet aroma always puts me in a better mood.  My great grandfather’s name was Basil and I have had an affinity for this herb for a long […]

Laughing & crying & still picking squash

One week left in August, moving into the last four months of the year.  The weather this month has been beautiful and warm, but there is a chill in the morning air.  However, our squash plants are still going strong and many other crops are ready to harvest as well.

Despite the lovely August days we […]

Sweet summer evenings

I am not ready to say goodbye to July. It has been a hot and fast month with hot and fast days.  Things are growing quickly in the fields and the rains of this past week were both a fine relief for us and a boost to all the herbs and produce.  Here in late […]

farmer confessions

Can you guess where I am? Not at the farm would be a safe answer.  We are still awaiting the warm weather window that will let us get the big field tilled and ready to plant. So for now I am in a holding pattern, maintaining the greenhouse starts and tending to sheep questions and […]

Awhirl in April

After a whirlwind month of traveling and jumping into springtime duties on the farm,  I am feeling inspired!  Our group, The Dovetails, made an appearance at the Alaska Folk Festival which was a wonderful community event in Juneau.  This was also my first trip up to AK –I want to go back!

(Dean and I at the Mendenhall […]