12th Lambs & My Favorite Poem

On a frigid, but sunny, January evening we had our first set of triplets born on the farm. The next day the Seahawks won the Superbowl against the Denver Broncos. We normally give our new lambs a name that has the first letter as their mother. So Ruth’s babies became Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson and Rose.


We […]

Growing in the Valley: September 2014

Farmer meets chef.  This month on Growing in the Valley we talk with acclaimed chef Dan Barber.  Dan has been a longtime advocate for the food-to-table movement and operates three restaurants in New York: Blue Hill, Blue Hill at Stone Barn and Blue Hill Cafe.  Recently, he published his first book The Third Plate which […]

Growing in the Valley: August 2014

Welcome to our monthly Harmony Field’s podcast called Growing in the Valley. This show airs the second Friday of the month on 91.7 KSVR (www.ksvr.org) after the news at 5.  Although I have been doing radio interviews for several years I am excited to share this monthly podcast with you on our blog. The interview will first […]