Herb of the Month: Sage

Sage, the herb, is a perennial member of the mint family that was originally cultivated in the Mediterranean.  We grow a lot of sage on the farm and it seems to love our ‘Mount Vernon very sandy soil’.  It is heartier than some of the other mint family herbs we grow, like rosemary, and we […]

Herb of the Month: Thai Basil

 September’s Herb of the Month
Thai Basil
We have been growing many different types of basil on the farm. In general, basils are associated with happiness, luck and flavor and their sweet aroma always puts me in a better mood.  My great grandfather’s name was Basil and I have had an affinity for this herb for a long […]

Welcome September! The first day after Labor Day is overcast and a bit chilly here. I imagine this makes the back-to-school blues feel a little easier. I myself am torn. We have had a great summer and I hope we continue with nice, warm weather through September. However, I am also comforted by this noted […]

Sweet summer evenings

I am not ready to say goodbye to July. It has been a hot and fast month with hot and fast days.  Things are growing quickly in the fields and the rains of this past week were both a fine relief for us and a boost to all the herbs and produce.  Here in late […]

The work

This has been a month of intensive field work as well as reflection for me.  I have transitioned from part-time professor to full-time farmer for the summer and I am trying to keep everything growing.  June can be a bit terrifying because so much effort and money has been dedicated to seeds, labor and other […]