Herb of the Month: Sage

Sage, the herb, is a perennial member of the mint family that was originally cultivated in the Mediterranean.  We grow a lot of sage on the farm and it seems to love our ‘Mount Vernon very sandy soil’.  It is heartier than some of the other mint family herbs we grow, like rosemary, and we […]

First Wave of Fall

The Festival of Family Farms marks a turning point for me. The weekend itself, always the first in October, is usually sunny and clear. However, there is a crispness in the air and the evening darkness seems to slip in quite early.  Things slow down on the farm and I can finally start to look […]

Laughing & crying & still picking squash

One week left in August, moving into the last four months of the year.  The weather this month has been beautiful and warm, but there is a chill in the morning air.  However, our squash plants are still going strong and many other crops are ready to harvest as well.

Despite the lovely August days we […]